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Rozum Robotics

FMI Series

FMI by Rozum Robotics is a series of compact enhanced performance brushless motors. FMI is a rotor plus stator kit—a three-phase brushless motor can be encapsulated into any housing of your choice. The direct drive brushless motor has no bearing, or shaft, or endbells. The motor is directly integrated into the rotating shaft of the machine. The hollow-shaft design allows for easy integration. 

Kubo Technologies

JCM Series

JCM series of energy-effective compact frameless motors, designed for use within robotic manipulators, robotic vehicles and industry automation.

High rated characteristics and overload capability of PLMT motors enable customers to create flexible solutions for various tasks.

Halodi Robotics

REVO1 Direct Drive

The Halodi Robotics Revo1 Direct Drive Motor is a complete solution for high-end robotics applications where high transmission ratios are not desired.


SVTM A FML Frameless

The stator pack design with winding in the groove and using Neodymium magnets ensures high performance with small dimensions, resulting in a sinusoidal electromotive force. For enhanced application safety, a temperature sensor is mounted for each winding so as to prevent damage from overheating and consequently increasing motor service life.

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